At Home Study

Consumer Skin Clinical Research Platform for Skin Care Products
At Home Study
At home Study SystemA user-friendly clinical research management system that allows researchers to create new studies, set up protocols for subjects, monitor their progress, and directly download the data.
At home Study APPOur mobile application allows research subjects to live at home and take accurate skin measurements. All of the subject data is transmitted to our research management system by the app.
Barrier Pro or Light

A skin barrier measurement instrument and measures the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and skin moisture (SCH) at the same time. Our device transfers data to the mobile app via Bluetooth.

Uses for Our Application
1. Skin Care

- Evaluate product efficacy in real life consumer scenarios
- Evaluate long-term efficacy of products
- Collect accurate skin barrier data

- Collect information from focus group interviews

- Enhance product loyalty among consumers

2. Skin Disease Research

- Evaluate product efficacy in real life scenarios for skin disorders

- Evaluate long-term efficacy of skin care products

- Monitor the condition of chronic skin diseases over time

- Monitor atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, juvenile gland, etc.

- Improve patient skin care education and treatment compliance

Benefits of an At home Study
01. Measurement results for products and research

Perform objective tests by measuring consumers in their normal environments.

02. Optimized for consumer research

Our IoT skin meter, research management system, and mobile application make new types of research possible.

03. Real-time data analytics

The subject’s measurements are connected to the cloud and available in real time, making your job even easier.

04. Collect the right skin measurement data

Track the transepidermal water loss (TEWL), stratum corneum hydration (SCH), temperature, and moisture levels of the skin.

05. Capture qualitative research

Our solution makes behavioral interference and qualitative research possible by connecting hard data with additional context provided by subjects.

Configuration Guide
At Home Study Package

                                                                             Study management system for researcher

Volunteer APP

Skin measurement device: Barrier Light or Pro

Configuration Guide
At Home Study Package

Study management system for researcher

Volunteer APP

Skin measurement device: Barrier Light or Pro

Capture skin measurement data from consumers in real life situations

GPSKIN provides you with a unique view into the life of a consumer, including washing skin, product use, morning routines, and evening routines.

Develop custom in-home experiments with the GPSKIN Barrier product and consumer mobile app.

Select the information that must be submitted and a checklist that needs to be performed.

Measure exactly what you want. The compact GPSKIN Barrier product can be used easily in a number of situations.

Collect the right skin data and measurements
At Home Study
Perform a variety of skin research and studies

Creating various groups and scenarios within your skin experiments.


Collect your subject’s behavioral protocol and monitor their skin care behavior. Deliver important details to subjects with our announcement feature. Organize data by situation, date, and time.


All data (measurement values, behavioral data, and survey responses) are stored in the cloud. Researchers can access and download this data at any time, making further analysis quick and convenient.

GPSKIN is used in universities, hospitals, and dermatology offices nationwide. Get in touch, our professional team will contact you.



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