Objective severity analysis.

The Barrier Pro uses TEWL and SCH technology leverages biomarkers on skin to evaluate the severity of different disease such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. Using software built clinicians, you can quickly analyze your patients to make better decisions.

1. Detailed TEWL measurement to the tenth

2. better SCH measurement

3. severity analysis software

4. bluetooth

5. hipaa compliant software

6. 1000 measurements per battery

Do more with powerful software

Visualize and diagnose skin barrier function abnormalities with confidence using the gpskin App, available on iOS and Android devices. Safely share with your patient, or save the data directly to your patient’s EMR with HIPAA-compliant encryption.

Learn more about gpskin software >



1. Real-time results

2. Save and track measurements

3. HIPAA compliant sharing

4. Gather baseline data

Compatible on Apple devices with iOS 6 and above.
Compatible with Samsung, Google, and other Android devices 5 and above.

Eko software is secured with HIPAA compliant encryption. Learn More ›

Eczema analysis is based on current expectations for future products and is not guaranteed of future performance, development, or FDA clearance.


Designed for advanced eczema analysis.

In Clinic

Use the Barrier Pro at your office to quickly analyze severity of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne and aging. 

At Home

Prescribe the Barrier Light to your patient for use at home to gather objective and subject data for a well informed analysis and a more efficient follow up. Compare the results with your baseline data taken with the Barrier Pro.



TEWL sensor

SCH sensor

Ambient Temp.

Ambient Humidity


Button, Connectivity, Weight, and Dimensions



HIPAA Compliant



For smartphones and tablets

Download for iOS / Apple devices ›

Download for Android ›


For desktops and remote analysis

Log into Dashboard ›


In the box

Barrier Pro

Battery Changer

Cleaning cloth


Power and battery

CR2032 battery

Up to 1000 measurements (lasts about a year)

Click main button once to power on

Hold main button to power off



Clean with isopropyl alcohol wipes for new patients