Getting Started

  1. Download “gpskin” from the app store. (apple or android)
  2. Log In.

How to Connect Device 

  1. Tap the menu button (+).
  2. Tap Measure.
  3. When prompted to connect device, turn on bluetooth from your phone settings.
  4. Then click device button once to turn on and connect.

Measure Function

Measure is intended for measure single or multiple body parts.


  • Do’s and Don’t’s for measuring
  • measure multiple body parts in one session
  • add notes and tags to results
  • detailed analysis of each biomarker
  • recommended tips and solutions

How to Measure (“Click. Then Stick.”)

  1. a) Once connected, the device will show it is ready to scan when the green light blinks on and off.
    b) When measuring screen appears and the device is blinking on and off, click the device button once, and immediately but gently stick to the desired skin area. 
  2. Hold device there until the scan circle completes on the phone.
    The green light should be blinking back and forth during scan.
  3. This takes about 10 seconds.
  4. Once scan is complete, either move onto to the next body part (for Precise Scan) or view your results on the Results page.

DO NOT hold scan button when measuring.

DO NOT press device button multiple times during measurement.

DO NOT stick to skin before clicking the device button.

DO NOT remove device from skin before measuring time is complete.


How to Turn Device Off

  1. After scan(s) is complete, the device will continue to stay on with a solid green light.

  2. To turn off, hold the device button for 3 seconds.



1) When off, one click will turn the device on.

2) When the device is connected to the app and ready to measure, one click will begin measurement. Remember to click then stick.

3) When measurements are finished, a long click will turn the device off.


More questions?

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